The “next-gen” repair process

From the moment a check engine light comes on, to the moment a customer gets their keys back, ShopCure™ has a role to play.

Connected Service

For the first time in history, every repair shop has the ability to directly connect to customers and their vehicles through an all-digital mobile platform, allowing a seamless and transparent experience on how vehicles are maintained and repaired.

The Autonet Repair Connect (ARC) Ecosystem

ShopCure™ is an integral part of the ARC ecosystem and provides a secure bi-directional communication between the repair shop and the customer’s CarCure™ app. Plus shops have the ability to add a full suite of management and service tools – all integrated with their existing Sales Management System (SMS).


Mobile device ready

Schedule repairs with shops, predictive data, vehicle history and more.

Customer &
Vehicle History

Access to a complete history on payments, inspections, different services & more.

Parts & labor &

With fitment integration, ShopCure offers a reliable, simple-to-use catalog & guide.

Bay Scheduler

Shops can save time with this fast, efficient method to managing workflow.

Credit card

We can process all of your cards, no contracts or setup fees.

Point of sale

Quickly and easily create quotes, work orders, and more.


Easily access inventory history, trends, and minimum/maximum levels.

Full Accounting

View real time accounts, payable/receivables, and statements.


Customizable reports for sales, technician & sales reports and more.

ShopCureTM Benefits

  • App brings customers, pre-qualified and ready to transact
  • Gain trust by having a transparent connection to customer
  • Close more sales by offering a fair market quote based on real vehicle data
  • Connected mobility platform increases customer loyalty
  • Improve repeat business through automated mobile reminders
  • Offer affordable payment options to close high ticket item repairs

ShopCureTM Main Features

  • Remote diagnostics via Autonet’s telematics platform
  • Built-in fair cost estimates required for repairs and maintenance schedules
  • Easily integrates to existing Shop Management Systems (SMS)
  • Seamless appointment scheduling
  • Integrated parts & labor estimators
  • Save customer’s vehicle repair history
  • And other system features and options