The “next-gen” repair process

From the moment a check engine light comes on, to the moment a customer gets their keys back, ShopCure™ has a role to play.

Connected Service

For the first time in history, every repair shop has the ability to directly connect to customers and their vehicles through an all-digital mobile platform, allowing a seamless and transparent experience on how vehicles are maintained and repaired.

The Autonet Repair Connect (ARC) Ecosystem

ShopCure™ is an integral part of the ARC ecosystem and provides a secure bi-directional communication between the repair shop and the customer’s CarCure™ app. Plus shops have the ability to add a full suite of management and service tools – all integrated with their existing Sales Management System (SMS).


Mobile device ready

Schedule repairs with shops, predictive data, vehicle history and more.

Customer &
Vehicle History

Access to a complete history on payments, inspections, different services & more.


Customizable reports for sales, technician & sales reports and more.

ShopCureTM Benefits

  • App brings customers, pre-qualified and ready to transact
  • Gain trust by having a transparent connection to customer
  • Customer scoring gets you more repeat business
  • Connected mobility platform increases customer loyalty
  • Improve repeat business through automated mobile reminders
  • Increase your car count with the right customers

ShopCureTM Main Features

  • Customer matched exclusively to your shop
  • Full vehicle info and maintenance schedules
  • Easily integrates to your existing shop process
  • Seamless appointment scheduling
  • Deep customer insights
  • Save customer’s vehicle and appointment history
  • And other system features and options