Most Popular Cars In The United States

Best Selling Cars and Trucks In Every State

According to a study conducted by Kelley Blue Book, the most popular consumer vehicle in the United States is the Ford F-150. But that doesn’t mean the F-150 is every state’s vehicle of choice. KBB compiled the following list of the most popular cars in America by state. The list is based on the number of new-car registrations in each state in 2016.

Alabama Ford F-150
Alaska Ford F-150
Arizona Ford F-150
Arkansas GMC Sierra 1500
California Honda Civic
Colorado Subaru Outback
Connecticut Nissan Rogue
Delaware Chevrolet Silverado
Florida Toyota Corolla
Georgia Ford F-150
Hawaii Toyota Tacoma
Idaho Ford F-150
Illinois Honda CR-V
Indiana GMC Sierra 1500
Iowa Chevrolet Silverado
Kansas Ford F-150
Kentucky Ford F-150
Louisiana Ford F-150
Maine Chevrolet Silverado
Maryland Honda CR-V
Massachusetts Toyota Rav4
Michigan Ford Escape
Minnesota Ford F-150
Mississippi Ford F-150
Missouri Ford F-150
Montana Ford F-150
Nebraska Ford F-150
Nevada Toyota Rav4
New Hampshire GMC Sierra 1500
New Jersey Honda CR-V
New Mexico Ford F-150
New York Nissan Rogue
North Carolina Honda Accord
North Dakota Ford F-150
Ohio Honda Civic
Oklahoma Ford F-150
Oregon Subaru Outback
Pennsylvania Honda CR-V
Rhode Island Toyota Rav4
South Carolina Ford F-150
South Dakota Ford F-150
Tennessee Ford F-150
Texas Ford F-150
Utah Ford F-150
Vermont Toyota Rav4
Virginia Honda CR-V
Washington Subaru Outback
West Virginia Chevrolet Silverado
Wisconsin Chevrolet Silverado
Wyoming Ford F-150
Washington, D.C. Honda Civic
Puerto Rico Toyota Yaris

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