Interpreting DTC Codes

We previously detailed the basic backstory behind what a OBD-II diagnostics system is and how it works, but how does that system talk to repair technicians? The OBD-II standard displays its findings in what are known as DTC’s: Diagnostic Trouble Codes, also known as “fault codes.” These codes are separated into four general categories: “B,” … continued

OBD-II History

When drivers think of their cars, their minds will generally take them to a place where they think of mechanical actions. One might envision a whole complicated structure of pistons and cylinders, belts and chains, gears and wheels, batteries and fuel. But do people take for granted the automotive computer systems that help keep everything … continued

Preventative Maintenance: The Beginning of the Driver-Shop Relationship

“I probably have a few thousand more miles to go before my next maintenance visit,” is something that plenty of drivers tell themselves every few thousand miles they drive. Without rifling through the glovebox for a receipt, many drivers might not be able to say the last time they brought their cars in for more … continued

Connected Cars

Consumers everywhere have grown more functionally connected to their basic goods and appliances than ever before. This has fundamentally altered the relationship with products we use every day. Long-distance communication is no longer comprised of human-to-human messages and transactions; kitchen/ laundry appliances and other useful consumer technologies can now provide operational feedback to the end … continued

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