The tools of our trade

Our automotive industry experience equips us with innovative technological insights and capabilities, putting Autonet Mobile in an ideal position to assess and seize upon new opportunities in automotive connectivity and service sectors.

Connected Future

At Autonet Mobile, we continue to introduce innovative technologies that not only disrupt the way car repair is done, but also enables consumer trust and confidence in the auto repair industry.

It is through our connected technologies that drivers, auto repair shops, technicians, and automotive partners will better service the vehicles of today and tomorrow.

Our Methodology & Vision

The traditional automotive repair and warranty process has several inherent flaws. Deficits in trust, value, quality, and time are shortcomings that have always afflicted the auto repair industry. We believe our Autonet Repair Connect (ARC) ecosystem addresses all of these.

We use our proprietary mobility platform to integrate and connect everyone in the vehicle repair chain – customers & their vehicles, auto repair shops, technicians, service writers, and ancillary partners (i.e., VSCs, bay-less dealers, others) – to deliver process efficiencies starting from the time a customer first experiences a car problem all the way when s/he picks up their car.

We find that our “reinvented” mobility process creates a customer who feels trust & satisfaction with their car ownership experience and provides our business partners a new method optimized to attract and retain loyal customers.

Fixing a broken car repair process

The car repair process is notoriously inefficient. Cumbersome processes needlessly inflate repair completion times up to two weeks or more.

Autonet Repair Connect reinvents every step of car repair to:

  • Enhance consumer trust in repair service

  • Maximize value to the customer

  • Prioritize repair quality

  • Save time and increase shop productivity and work capacity.

The Connected Customer + Business

Whether you are a consumer looking to better care for your family’s vehicles, or you are a business seeking a solution to manage and retain your automotive customer base, Autonet offers the perfect connected mobility solution.

  • Designed to connect drivers to their vehicle
  • Provides direct contact to their best matched technician
  • Helps drivers better manage their vehicle’s repair and maintenance

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  • Designed to connect auto repair shops to their customers
  • Attracts pre-qualified and ready-to-transact customers
  • Offers a full suite of management solutions to help attract and retain customers

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5G Telematics Technology

Autonet  was the first 4G in-vehicle automotive service provider and are pushing the boundaries to be the first 5G Telematics solution provider. This means uninterrupted connections while you’re on the road with faster upload/download speeds and less waiting.

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Telematics Built in

Autonet Mobile uses a highly secure patented TRU technology to connect any OBD II equipped vehicle to any of our mobile apps, including CarCure™ and ShopCure™.

The process starts by securely transmitting information to and from the vehicle.

Our hardware prevents information loss and the need to resend packets of data. It’s then managed by our servers, to be distributed to any device quickly and efficiently.

Plug in Device
Device sends + Receives data from Autonet servers
Systems matches vehicle data + Sends results to connected devices