Vehicle Health Report

Vehicle Health Report is a real-time diagnostic, scheduling*, and reporting tool that scans your vehicle automatically and on-demand. It will also let you know when the vehicle needs attention. You and/or whoever you choose will get real time notifications when it’s time for routine maintenance or whenever your vehicle lets us know there is an issue.
*Scheduling is a specific feature for Dealer Connect devices purchased through dealerships.


Transform your vehicle into a roving entertainment hub where all your passengers and mobile devices are free to work or play. Stream music, send emails, browse the web, download videos, play online games, and more with this mobile hotspot, which can connect multiple users on the go. This application provides WiFi connectivity in and around your vehicle with WPA/WPA2 support to keep your connection safe. With Autonet Mobile’s TRU Technology®, a proprietary and patented technology, you’ll experience a seamless connection regardless how fast you are traveling. Unlike other methods, TRU Technology manages data as users travel at high speeds between cell towers, eliminating dropped connections.

Geo Zones

With Geo Zones, you can define multiple virtual geographical areas, to ensure vehicles follow approved routes. If a boundary is crossed, a notification with a time, date and location stamp will be sent to you. Reverse Geo Zones can also be configured to alert you to vehicles that enter an area you designate as restricted. Set up arrival and departure notifications or set time limits when the vehicle should not be moving. All zones are supported with a customizable SMS or email notification when geographic or time zones are triggered.

Speed Tracker

With all the distractions the highway brings, it’s important to keep track of safe driving habits. Whether it’s a lead foot, a hard day at work or a great song on the radio, sometimes a bit of insight is needed to keep the driver’s priorities focused. Speed Tracker provides instant feedback, via SMS or email, when certain speeds are reached. The application gives you the ability to customize notifications, set speed caps and set time restrictions for your vehicle.

Find my car

Find My Car provides the ability for you to view your vehicle’s location on a map in real time, anytime. Just log in to our secure and convenient website and locate your vehicle. Save time and money by not using third-party providers to find your vehicle. Find my car eliminates the need to call the police or pay expensive fees for a tracking services.

Valet Mode

Headed out on the town? Your vehicle is safe with Valet Mode, it allows you to define speed and distance alerts. You’ll be notified if your vehicle exceeds the limits you’ve set after leaving it with a valet.

Curfews Management

With Curfews Management, you can configure times/days when the car is not supposed to be driven. You’ll receive an automatic notification via text or email that lets you know the car is being driven after hours and where it is.

Parental Controls

Manage all of your cars and their drivers in one place. Know that your children are safe behind the wheel using as many or as few restrictions and monitors as you want. With curfews, speed notifications, GPS tracking, and Check-ins you can take some of the risk out of early driving. Young drivers will learn good habits from the beginning to keep themselves, as well as those around them, safe.

It also includes the ability to block unauthorized phone calls and texting in your vehicle. The roads, and your children have never been safer.

*This application is only available for certain models.